Getting Started with Phalcon

Getting Started with Phalcon

The developers of Phalcon made it their mission to develop the fastest, most efficient PHP framework around and they have done a good job of completing that mission. With the speed of C, simplicity of PHP and the structure of a framework, Phalcon streamlines web application development.

Getting Started with PHP is an introduction to using Phalcon to develop web applications. You will learn by building a blog application using Phalcon developer tools and web tools to flesh out the CRUD skeleton for an application quickly and then modify it to add features.

As features are added to the blog, you will learn to use other Phalcon functionality like the Volt template engine, view helpers, PHQL, validation, encryption, cookies, sessions, etc.

By Stephan Miller

Chapter Code Releases

I have created the following tags for the code for each chapter, as the application progresses.