Framework of frameworks. A rad web application development system starting with vagrant, using Phalcon PHP for server side framework and Gumby 2 for frontend framework.

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A dev box and deployment tool in one. It can be used by teams very effectively. But it is geared to a one man development/sysadmin team.


Get a development environment and web application up and running in less than an hour with all necessary and useful development tools with a modern PHP framework and frontend framework pre-installed and pre-configured and do it by only installing virtualbox, vagrant and running one command: vagrant up.


Package Management



Plus, I as developer want to be able to mock up an idea quickly, add necessary linux packages on the fly when needed and get at least a halfway working application going before I put it on an other environment, i.e. live on the web. But by the time the application is too that point, I have no idea how custom my box is by then.

So I want to be able to change the configuration of the box in puppet. That way when the site is live, I have a template of the server I need waiting and the site can be live quickly.

Project Contents

Vagrant box


To add

Getting Started

I have tried to keep most of the development environment as well as tools self contained in the virtualbox. But you will need the following to get started.

Steps after installing above